Hello everyone!

The goal of making this website was primarily my need to organize all the recipes that I use often. Since I am not an expert in cooking but I really enjoy making, baking, and experimenting, I believe that my recipes could be really useful for beginners and might be inspiring for some experts!

I am trying to eat healthy, without sugar and chemicals that are often used in many products we buy every day. I tend to use fresh produce, gluten-free flours, natural sweeteners, and non-diary milk. However, I am using all the products that most people are familiar with since I know how confusing it can be when you see some ingredients that you have never heard about before. Also, as today’s life is really busy, a lot of my recipes are with just a few ingredients, but even the recipes with more ingredients are really simple and beginner-friendly!

In my culture, lunch is the most important meal of the day, therefore most of my lunch recipes could be considered for dinner (if that is the most important meal for you). For dinner, I usually eat different types of salad or meals that you can find under the category Dinner.

Most of the recipes are made solely by my imagination, while others may be inspired by the recipes I have seen some time in the past, a lot of reading regarding a healthy diet, keto diet, paleo diet, etc…

Below the recipes, you can find notes where I wrote some suggestions for you, either how to serve the meal or what other ingredients you can use instead of the ones mentioned in the recipe.

IMPORTANT INFO: Keep in mind that I am not a professional cook or nutritionist. These meals are part of my diet that works very well for me. Of course, if you have some suggestions, advice, or questions, feel free to contact me or made comment below the recipe. If you find my recipes delicious and want to be apprised when a new post is available, follow my Instagram account (icon on the top-right corner).

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well” – Virginia Wolf